UK Lockdown: Day 76

I’ve just been thinking about how bonkers it is that today marks almost 11 weeks in lockdown…. wow.

Some days are good. Some days are bad. Today was an in between one. I’ve been worrying a little bit about the current situation, and overthinking my own mind and body, but I’ve also had some good moments.

This weird curveball that 2020 has given us is truly a time to reflect on yourself and those around you. Rather than wasted months, they’ve been months to work on yourself. You are your own biggest project. Whether you’ve been spending your time baking, studying, gardening, meditating, gaming, playing, renovating, or settling down with someone you love, we’ve all been working on ourselves. For those of us who have been working- we salute you. Thank you. You’re our local heroes.

We started the day with a British favourite; spam, egg and beans. Classic. I love spam. It’s the food you know you shouldn’t love but you do (or at least I do). The Princess and the Frog was today’s first film and we thought it was wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion guys!

Then it was time for a walk along the canal. Where we saw these beautiful ducks. Our walk back wasn’t as intended because we came to a sudden halt when the path stopped *lol*. Although the sky was grey, we had a pleasant walk and it lifted my spirits a little.

Sunday tradition prevailed and I video called my sister, Mum and Grandad. It’s always lovely to see their faces, and although Mum’s phone died sooner than expected, we still had a good chin-wag* and Grandad and Sarah chatted with me a while longer. I say it every week, but I mean it, I can’t wait to make a Sunday dinner and eat it with them all (including my wonderful brother of course).

Luke made a fabulous roast beef dinner and we’ve watched American Pie, Band Camp so far this evening.

We’re popping out for a quick wander and then I’m going to beat him at card games (I wish). Happy Sunday folks!

*chin-wag= slang term for a chat/informal conversation, English.

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