UK Lockdown: Day 75

Is it okay to eat crisps, pizza, popcorn and chocolate in one day… because it’s a Saturday?

Today has been alright, we’ve been productive, social and chilled. An all round good lockdown day.

The productive

Our kitchen is sparkling clean thanks to me being in a cleaning mood this morning. I don’t know why I love cleaning so much in lockdown, but it passes the time and I feel good when it’s done. Luke has also finished plastering the holes and cracks in our bedroom wall so we’ve both done a good job.

The social

This afternoon, we visited Luke’s Dad and had a decent walk out. It was quite nippy* out today but the sun did try and break through the clouds a few times. We also did a food shop (we went in separately of course). We love a Lidl bargain. The best part about seeing Stuart was that we also saw Sammy the cat.

Look at that face!

The chill

Tonight is movie night. After our pizza tea we’ve eaten popcorn AND chocolate, AND I had Pringles earlier! So far we’ve watched Monsters University, and Luke’s choosing another one now.

Have a good night everyone.

*nippy; informal/slang for cold weather in England.

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