UK Lockdown: Day 74

Fridays are made for fish and chips and fun! And that’s just what we did today.

After a spot of hoovering and tidying up we spent the morning watch Big Bang Theory, and had a real good giggle.

Then my Mum and her partner popped around for a catch-up and we had a wonderful time! We played the card game Crash, and put the world to rights, chatting about anything from politics to curry sauce with fish and chips *lol*.

Days like today make you realise how truly lucky we are to have each other. I’m missing my family loads at the minute so seeing Mum made me feel great. I can’t wait to see my sister, brother and Grandad really soon.

We also had some delicious fish and chips from the local takeaway which has recently reopened, they were an absolute bargain so we’ll definitely get them again. The real question is; curry sauce or no curry sauce?

Mum and Paul went home in late evening and we went out for an evening walk. We headed into the city centre and it was weirdly quiet. Almost eerie. And cool. The clouds were almost dancing in the sky when we left.

By the time we returned home the moon was out in full force and it was beautifully big and bright tonight. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but if you’re still awake I recommend you have a look.

Happy weekend!

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