UK Lockdown: Day 73

Thursday is usually a good day, and today was no exception, it’s three days since I fell down the stairs and I’m starting to heal pretty well, we’ve been productive, seen family and had a laugh. An all round good day.

I started the day educating myself about racism and how I can help, I was able to sign many (hopefully useful) petitions and I came away feeling like this could be the year for change.

After that I did a spot of cleaning and tidying, whilst Luke plastered part of our bedroom wall (we live in an old house and there was a few cracks/mini holes in the plaster). It looks great now. We can’t wait to start painting soon.

We watched some Peaky Blinders (it’s very involved, I’m getting really involved in it too), then we made some lunch.

This afternoon we went for our daily walk (conveniently as it started to rain *lol*) and I felt a bit like Paddington Bear in the gif below, just without the sandwich …

We walked over to Luke’s mums. We socially distanced inside seen as it was raining *facepalm*, and had a few cuppas while watching television.

After a catch up it was time to get ourselves and our brains in gear for the weekly quiz. As ever, the host, John, was wonderful and we had a good laugh. A score of 57/67 was good but not good enough to win.

For now we’re going to relax, maybe play some card games or a board game and chill. Another good day in isolation land, even with the rain!

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