UK Lockdown: Day 72

When a day you thought was going to be a bad day, ends up being a some kind of good.

We woke up late and lounged about a little before doing some housework. Mostly just tidying, a spot of cleaning and sorting the cats litter trays (best job ever!) and yet they still looks at us like this…

Then Luke made us a beautiful frittata with bacon, peppers, shallots and garlic. It was beautiful, but he didn’t take a photo and it was so good that I didn’t even look at my phone (unusual, but there you go.)

After lunch we had some shopping to do and headed into Leeds centre. Wilko’s was very quiet, probably due to the rain, so we didn’t even have to queue. Along with some essentials, I got myself some coral nail varnish and some new planters for the yard. I can’t wait to surround the whole garden with pretty flowers. This was our starting point a few weeks ago.

We also had a wonderful takeaway curry for dinner with Luke’s mum and dad. Card games and a movie rounded the night of wonderfully. We had a great time in their company.

Unfortunately I can’t play like the above gif *lol*.

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