UK Lockdown: Day 71

Today took a turn for the beeeeers. In the best way possible. I thought we were going shopping and not much else, pretty much a boring lockdown day… but a friend of Luke’s called and invited us for a few socially distanced drinks and away we were.

Between yoga this morning and relaxing this evening it’s been full of laughs and potentially too much beer, but I guess I’ll know that in the morning.

Tuesday is usually our day off together anyway so it seems okay that I got slightly ”merry’ on the beer and sang Never Forget (Take That) at the top of my lungs *insert facepalm here*.

Not much has happened apart from starting the day sat on the sofa watching Peaky Blinders… drinking beer and making dinner.

Then again, I suppose doing an hours yoga, putting the washing out and assisting the preparation of dinner is productive!

Tonight’s delicious meal was going to be a fancy spicy sausage pasta from Hello Fresh (as pictured above), but instead we had plain pasta because I was too busy feeding a (potentially) stray cat who I found in my living room after leaving the front door open *insert another facepalm here*.

The poor little might was not having a good day. We’ve decided to call this semi-adopted cat Ramses, who was an Egyptian pharaoh.

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