UK Lockdown: Day 70

Ten weeks complete everyone. Well done! We are smashing this. Whether you’ve been feeling low, feeling fabulous, working hard, or hardly working, you have got this.

Ten weeks in an extremely strange situation, stripped of our usual normality, disengaged from regularity, and we’re still here, keeping calm and carrying on. Isn’t it strange? The things you never thought you’d face, and you can get through them. There’s a message there, of that I’m sure.

Today has been pretty splendid. And I’ve decided to make this blog a little different. So I’m going to write about a positive, a negative, a productive, a creative and a foodie ‘thing’. Let’s start with the negative…

A negative…

Well… I fell down the stairs after tripping over a cat. Even though Coco always sleeps there I somehow managed to misjudge my step and trip over her. *Insert facepalm here*. Luckily, we’re both okay, Coco seemed more shaken up than anything, and I have a few bruises and a sore foot but I’ll be fine.

A positive…

Luke and I sat in the garden with his Mum today and had a few beers in the sunshine. It’s a definite that I’ve got more of a tan during in lockdown than in my twenty-seven years so far. *lol* I’m feeling pretty good about myself (minus my bruises), and far less stressed than the start of last week.

A productive…

The bathroom is sparkling clean after missing out on a good deep-clean last week. I’m back to being Mrs Hinch now so all is well with the world. When we got back from our visit today I could really smell the cleaning scents and it felt GOOD.

A creative…

I haven’t really done anything that creative today. Tonight I plan to write a letter, and put it together with one of my handmade cards, ready to send to my grandad’s neighbour who has been looking after him. She’s been getting his food shopping delivered, and making him a homemade meal weekly so he’s been well looked after while we’ve been apart.

A good foodie thing…

Tonight Luke has cooked us a Thai style meatball curry with charred courgettes. It’s from Hello Fresh. These boxes are packed full of great ideas for easy mid-week feeds to extra fancy meals and they are all unique. We’ve had a few that we could have created ourselves, but the recipes are packed with flavour and there’s some we’d never have thought about cooking.

Monday’s done right! How has yours been?

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