UK Lockdown: Day 69

Movies, video calls and food. That’s what Sunday means to me right now.

Today has been wonderful and relaxed. It started with Moana and a mini fried breakfast of eggy bread (French toast?), bacon and beans. Because, how else do you start a Sunday?

Since then, we’ve spent most of our day chilling out, maxing out, relaxing all cool. *lol* These guys knew how to party.

We’ve had our regular Sunday video call with Grandad and co, we’ve been shopping for a few essentials… wine and coral nail varnish were also included in this… and ultimately I’m feeling much better than I was at the end of last week. Thank goodness for good people and good movies.

Tonight we’ve devoured chicken casserole and sipped Chardonnay whilst watching American Pie Reunion, and we’re ready for another week in lockdown.

(This is not the best photo, but casserole in a Yorkshire pudding is about as British as it gets).

How’s your Sunday been? Happy Welcome to Week 10 quarantiners!

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