UK Lockdown: Day 67

Wowzers. Today has flown.

I actually did some washing today so that counts towards something productive (as I’ve done virtually nothing else all week).

We had a lovely (sweaty) walk over to Wortley Park in Armley, and passed some swans on the canal (not sweaty).

Jokes aside, we had a beautiful barbecue in the park with my sister and her friend, Alec. Fridays are always fun now that they’re our day to meet up. I LOVE seeing them both and catching up with them even if it is from two metres away! It’s great to see them in front of me and not through a screen.

It’s crazy to think that we used to have Sunday dinners every week around the table and meet-up mid week for food and a good laugh with Mum. I can’t wait until we get back to my normality, but for the moment I know I need to relish in the things we can do, rather than those we can’t, we’re luckier than many people right now.

This evening we made a gorgeous chicken stir fry with some gorgeous hoisin sauce, the recipe was from Hello Fresh. It was lovely!

Then later, we popped over to see Luke’s cousin as it was her birthday today, and had a beer and a right good natter.

How’s your Friday been?

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