UK Lockdown: Day 66

Thursday has come around again, which guarantees us using our brain in the virtual pub quiz, but also included a beautiful walk to Temple Newsam and a picnic in the shade.

Today must have been pretty hot though, because I’ve somehow ended up with a slightly red arm and dry skin on my face despite wearing sun cream and sitting in the shade when we ate. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll be fine tomorrow.

Besides that today was lovely, I’m feeling good and I’m feeling thankful to be healthy and well. We saw some beautiful poppies and had a beautiful walk while basking in beautiful nature.

We took a walk up to the Little Temple which is beautiful and can be seen just at the top of this hill here. I can’t remember if I’ve ever walked up to it before, which is a little bonkers when you consider I’ve lived in Leeds my whole life.

I also loved the way these flowers meet in the middle of the path. Nature is blooming, and even though our parks and public areas are getting busier every day I felt relaxed and happy.

This evening we had a good laugh with JMC Entertainments and The Salt Cellar and now we’re having a chilled night.

How’s your Thursday been?

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