UK Lockdown: Day 65

Today was a good day! I feel like much more like me again, which is good news for you, because I imagine you’re sick of hearing me moan… Only ‘joking’, this is such a strange time that we’re all going to have bad days/weeks, so we need to accept that and push ourselves to be as ‘okay’ as we can.

We had an ‘early’ start, well earlier than normal, and it’s actually made me feel a whole lot better. We left the house around 11.30, which seemed crazy because we’re normally in our pyjamas until noon! This morning we did some picnic food shopping and headed to Luke’s Dad’s to drop off our house key because we had a delivery due today and we’d actually made REAL-LIFE PLANS to meet some friends! (Socially distanced of course).

We took the beautiful walk over to Roundhay and had an afternoon of fun, laughter, chats, serious talk, good food and we even had an ice-cream.

Check out our socially distanced selfie… what is life?! Two of my besties; Ruth and Ceri, with Luke and I in the background. We even video-called our friend who is still working hard for the NHS.

Spending half a day with you both was so great. It felt like a holiday seeing different faces! We had a splendid day and the ice cream was really worth the long queue at Roundhay Park.

On the way home we popped in to see Luke’s mum and got our house key from his Dad’s. They’d both had a pretty cool day and everyone was healthy and well. I only wish my Mum, sister and the rest of the family lived so close to us.

This evening is all about resting our aching bones, films and a foot spa for my blistered feet *facepalm*.

How’s your Wednesday been?

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