UK Lockdown: Day 64

This afternoon has absolutely flown by*, and although I spend a lot of my time wishing the day away, today I have started to learn to just BREATHE.

Lockdown is tough, but so are we. It can be especially difficult because you’re lonely, worried, overthinking, bored, fed-up, overworked, underpaid… and a million other things I can’t think of right now. But just breathe and we will get through this.

Today I saw this quote on Instagram, and it made me start to realise I need to be more chill, I can’t change everything, and (hopefully) things will be back to our individual versions of ‘normal’ soon.

For the first few weeks in lockdown I loved being in my house, making it more homely, feeling relaxed and happy. But now I’m feeling trapped inside it, I’ve got horrendous cabin fever and I don’t know how people can spend so much time at home. I love being out and about, I’m always busy, and I work two jobs so I spend a lot of time out of the house.

What’s the worst thing about lockdown for you?

Besides being an over-thinker and trying to retrain my brain, we’ve seen Luke’s mum and dad and had a big heart-to-heart. I wish I could easily pop round to my Mums but she’s not in walking distance at the moment.

The best thing about lockdown is it’s taught me (even more than before), that I know what matters most to me. The people I have around me, in my circle, in my heart, always. And I thank the good Lord every day that I have this man in my life. Thank you Lukey, check out this cheesy photo of us with super long hair and tired faces from a few weeks ago!

Thanks for reading everyone. Stay positive, and hang in there!

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