UK Lockdown: Day 63

Wowzers. Another week completed. Seven weeks of no ‘normal’ has definitely had an affect on me… I’m exhausted and I can’t wait until everything is 100% back to normal.

That said, today the sun was shining and that lifts my mood to a greater level!

We had a lovely walk to Oakwood and saw my Mum and her partner, Paul, for a drink in the sunshine. It was beautiful! We (had to) buy a ‘meat board’ along with our pints from the Stew & Oyster (followed by a few cheeky cans from the shop) because they have had licensing on to them (I don’t know why because everyone in the area is selling beer without food…).

It was wonderful to se them both and enjoy the sunshine and fabulous company. We had a lovely chat about all sorts of things and we laughed lots too. It will be wonderful when we can do this with the whole family and have a real celebration. Thank you for the meet up Mum and Paul.

After this we had a walk to see Luke’s mum and a lovely catch up. We had a few more drinks in the sunshine. I can’t even tell you how tipsy I felt as we tucked into our fish and chips later tonight…

Seeing family is so important. It brings us together and makes us aware just how much they mean to us. Perhaps sometimes we don’t even realise how much they do mean to us, so it’s important to tell them as often as we can.

Sorry for the lack of photos on this blog! I’ll try again tomorrow!

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