UK Lockdown: Day 62

Today has been a little bit topsy turvy again for me but I’m going to focus on the positives.

Plus, it’s a Sunday, which means I’ll probably have a face mask on later and soak my feet in the foot spa. So here’s the positives from my day;

  1. I spoke to my family on video call today and Grandad is almost as technological as Mum now. I can’t believe how much he’s improved! And I took a cute screenshot of us all. Apart from all of us (bar Sarah) needing a haircut, we look really cute. I have a silly grin from concentrating on the photo too much *lol*.
  2. We had a lovely walk in the late afternoon sunshine. We’re lucky to have had good weather most of the time this lockdown, which has meant we’ve been able to have a decent walk every day.
  3. My brothers support worker sent us another adorable photo of him chilling. (Not the best quality, but I can imagine him sat like this watching television). Also, the black and white filter I’ve used makes him look cool. *love heart eyes*
  4. Luke and I also made a start clearing out his old bedroom at his parents. I think he actually owns more than me which I didn’t think possible until today. He has a lot of things he’s forgotten about over the years, but then again, when I moved, so did I!
  5. We’re having fancy pants roast duck breasts, with mini roast potatoes and spring greens for tea. It smells so good and I can’t wait to eat it.

Yes, those five things sound amazing, and yes I’m bragging, because now I’ve written it I feel a whole lot better. Being inside most of the day has been starting to make me overthink and panic about a lot of things I shouldn’t, so I’m glad I have this reflective blog.

I think 62 days of no ‘normal’ or physical contact is starting to send me loopy though. Like all of us, I can’t wait until things do go back to my normal.

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