UK Lockdown: Day 61

Yesterday I fell over… today I burnt myself on the oven *facepalm*

Both days I’ve been overthinking TOO MUCH? Am I the only one? Apparently not. Lockdown is seriously getting to us all now.

A message to myself and anyone who stumbles upon this article; it will be okay. Things will look up soon. When you start to overthink or struggle, change your thought process. Stay positive. We’ve got this. You’ve overcome all your previous bad days. You’re here right now. In this moment. Every day is a new opportunity to change your outlook, change your thoughts and not spiral (in my case).

We have got this!

Today has been up and down. I was supposed to be meeting my mum for a walk but the wind delayed that until Monday. And, instead, we’ve had two slightly shorter walks.

I was stressed on our first walk, majorly overthinking and panicking about all kinds of things. But then I saw this sign, it made me laugh…

I’ve watched loads of Big Bang Theory and Death in Paradise, which is always a good thing. Both shows are 10/10, so it’s a win.

I was feeling ‘meh’, missing my brother and wanting a hug when a friend called and shared her problems at the moment. It’s bad to say, but it really put mine into perspective. We will all be back to our ‘normal’ soon.

This bright rainbow outside Nationwide also made my day feel brighter.

So today has taught me, although some days aren’t great, I can turn them around. And it’s definitely okay to sob into your partners shoulder when you both read a beautiful feed of inspirational photos. *Happy tears* I honestly don’t feel worthy of my Luke, but I imagine he sometimes feels the same way. We love each other and that makes everything feel so much better.

If you’re having a bad day and overthinking, I hope this blog (if only the start of it) makes you feel a little lighter.

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