UK Lockdown: Day 60

Sixty days of no hugs (apart from Lukey), a sad Becky makes. I just want to squeeze my family. Ugh. There’s not much more to say.

We had a lovely day. I GOT MY FURLOUGH!!!

I’ve been panicking a lot, and hiding it away a lot too, but today was the day I told myself to stop and try to enjoy life, even in this mess we currently find ourselves in.

I’ve always been a worrier, but since lockdown I’ve worried about money, savings, family, a might be wisdom tooth, a chipped tooth, my menstrual cycle, Luke, isolation, my mental health and others. And just well, it’s been a lot. For all of us I’m sure. But, just a lot. So, phew!

Remind me of this tomorrow… I GOT MY PAY!!!

I did some baking today and went to see my sister and her friend. We had a really good laugh and they’d laid out a beautiful party food feast, and we even brought some food home! You guys are wonderful! I wish I could hug you both so tight and not let you go… a reoccurring theme here I think.

On the walk home I tripped up and bruised my knee, but we saw lots of pretty birds along the canal, so you know, snakes and ladders. *Facepalm*

This evening I felt pretty drained and fed up after a lovely busy day. So Luke cooked up a ‘Hello Fresh’ meal and gave me lots of hugs. We’ve had a second walk and played cards all night, so it’s perked me up again.

It’s okay to have good and bad days. And it’s okay when the day starts one way and ends the other, or a big mash-up of all kinds of feelings. It’s okay to not be okay all the time.

But I GOT PAID, I saw my sister and I had lots of good food and walks. So let’s stay as positive as we can in this messy world!


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