UK Lockdown: Day 59

Another beautiful day in sunny social distancing land.

Today we’ve tackled the shops for essentials, seen a duck living its best life, and had our first socially distanced barbecue. What is life?

Covid 19, we’ll never forget you, but can you just like go away, like leave now?

Today I felt grateful again for this lovely weather, because I’d normally have spent 8-10 hours in a restaurant working hard, or hardly working. And instead, I had a beautiful walk, outside time, and saw a duck on a kind of Lilo, floating along a pond…

The photo quality is very poor, but the idea and vision of a duck floating by on some disregarded plastic is more than I could have hoped for!

We had an insane time (separate shops) trying to social distance in the shops today, and I have to ask; why aren’t people taking this seriously? Having to dodge people, hold my breath for 4 metres, and aborting aisles due to them being packed is not my idea of a good pandemic shopping trip, but correct me if I’m wrong…

However, despite all that, we also had a lovely socially distanced barbecue with Luke’s parents. As much as I wanted to give them both a big squeeze we didn’t, we sat separately, ate separately and did the pub quiz separately … what is life? Jokes aside, it was wonderful to see them and have fun in the sun.

When we headed inside we were greeted by our Queen Angel, lording it over us as always. God bless her.

She’s divine. Check her and her siblings out on Instagram by clicking the image.

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