UK Lockdown: Day 58

It’s been a smashing day today. The sun was bright, I’ve been almost pain free and we’ve spent lots of time outside.

Anyone from England will tell you when the temperature goes over 20 degrees we don’t do anything (unless we have to work). We love beer gardens, barbecues, the seaside and green open spaces. So today we enjoyed one of those green spaces.

England is full of national parks, hidden gems and open spaces. We’re very lucky to live in Blighty!

Today we went on the long walk (8 mile round trip- I didn’t realise this before we set off) to Temple Newsam. Probably not my best idea in this heat, but well worth it, and people were social distancing so it was fantastic!

It’s such a beautiful park, we’re so lucky to live in this city full of green space and with an amazing centre.

Apart from walking 17,000 steps, pretty much all I’ve done is sit on my doorstep in the evening sunshine, and feel blessed. Mainly because, it’s a Wednesday and I’d normally have spent most of the day in a basement office sat on my bottom doing work and wishing I could have been out in the sun. So I actually felt really lucky that I wasn’t having to go to work today- for the first time since lockdown started!

How’s your Wednesday been?

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