UK Lockdown: Day 56

Maybe it’s because it’s been eight weeks and everything is getting to me, or maybe it’s because I’m a worrier, but today wasn’t good.

To be honest, it’s been rather rubbish. Without Luke to pull me through the day I think I’d have spent most of it in bed, crying or moping about the house.

It started well, I cleaned the bathroom, watched some Netflix and felt pretty cool. But, then it took a turn for the worst and I started with cramps, wisdom toothache and worrying. I panic about so many things, I’m a worrier and an empath, so I can get really caught up in things. However, I did some yoga, had a heart to heart with some colleagues and my mood improved.

But then my aches came back and I started going into overdrive. Luckily, Luke was here and we went for a walk and I felt almost relaxed. Admittedly, I’ve had a little wobble since but now the evening has rolled round and I feel a little better. I wish anxiety and stress weren’t a thing, but it stands to reason that after so many good days I was bound to have a bad one!

Three good things from today were; a video of my brother having just eaten three waffles (so cute and funny), this awesome writing on the road near St James hospital, and the lovely Luke being by my side.

Luke also made us a beautiful curry with some leftover chicken from yesterday. And we’re curling up with a beer and a blanket for some movies and relaxation. I’ll probably have a face mask and foot soak tonight to make me feel better too, tomorrow is a new day!

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