UK Lockdown: Day 55

Sunday has come round again, and as you know, for me Sunday’s mean self-care, family and food!

Today has been no exception. I had a lovely video-call with the family and a good catch up. We’ve all been starting to feel pretty trapped so we had a bit of a deep conversation and even got to see all of Grandads face, which is always lovely. He usually drives me mad, but I miss him so much. Here’s a lovely throwback, taken about five years ago on his birthday, it’s of me, Grandad and my sister, Sarah.

We all look so happy! I can’t wait until we can make more memories like this.

Apart from talking with the family, we’ve watched two films; Yesterday (about life without the Beetles music, as a brief outline, and relationships that matter), and Unfriended: Dark Web (kinda horror, more thriller, pretty dark as the name suggests), polar opposites but it was great to veg-out after lots of long walks this week.

Our Sunday dinner this week was; roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffing, homemade Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower and broccoli, with the usual lashings of gravy. Bliss. It’s weird how much I miss cooking for the family on a Sunday!

We’re having an evening walk tonight, then possibly some board games before I have a foot spa and wine.

Sunday done right. How has yours been?

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