Self Isolation: Day 54

Over a seventh of the year has been in isolation. I don’t know why that shocks me so much, because it’s been almost two months. But isn’t it a little crazy? By the time we’re finished it will have been almost half a year, I reckon. Over six months without “normal” contact, “normal” celebrations, “normal” meals out. They’ve been adjusted to the “normal” virtual hugs, “normal” video call, “normal” delivery from the local independent restaurant.

Wow. It’s insane. How life can change so much in so little time, for everyone. Whether you’re a frontline shop assistant, bin man or nurse, your life has changed. Whether you’re a furloughed employee, a furloughed Covid victim, or furloughed and self-employed. Right now we’re all stripped of our “normal”, yet this is still dividing us. In more ways than one. From economic consequences to mental health, it affects us all. Let’s all support one another and stand as one.

Anyway, enough of my preaching and moping- we all need to be more unified, support one another, both now and in the future!

On a positive note; my wage slip came through- I will have some money paid into my account soon, not the amount I expected but I’m hoping the second wage (missed payment) will balance it all out!

Even more positive note; we walked to Oakwood/Roundhay again and had a another socially distanced pint! We’ve got to stay positive in this mess we find ourselves.

Also, when you’re in nature it’s hard not to relax (even just a little), and appreciate the great things carrying on as normal around you.

How beautiful it is to stare through leaves into the light?

After a long walk, and extreme efforts to social distance, it’s time for a delivery from our favourite independent Thai restaurant in Leeds, Thai A Roy Dee. Check my review here;

We can’t wait.

Happy Saturday!

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