Self Isolation: Day 53

A wonderful and sunny day today. I could get used to all these good days, and seeing people I care about.

Today we walked over to my sisters and saw her and her friend who are isolating together. She’s high risk so hasn’t been going out for walks and shopping etc, it was lovely to see them both and enjoy the weather.

When we arrived they had put together loads of shopping for us, because they know I’ve not been paid yet, and Sarah has been getting loads of duplicates in her food packages. I can’t thank them both enough. We’ve got all sorts and we’re really grateful. Alec even bought us an ice cream! Thanks again lovely!

After all the excitement and gifts we started the long walk home. We can’t believe how many people are using public transport and not social distancing. Just to let everyone know- we are very much still in lockdown. Yes, you can see family, but you must social distance! We sat on the pavement for goodness sake. It’s got to be done so we can get through this sooner and safer. Have a think guys!

When we got home I accidentally trapped Angel (our cat) under our bed, so I guess she’s getting lots of treats (because I feel guilty). I felt so bad I cried… but thankfully she’s perfectly fine.

Now keep calm and carry on, and enjoy these lily pads on the canal.

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