Self Isolation: Day 52

This morning was all about relaxing after an exciting and busy day yesterday. We had cat cuggles aplenty (cuggles is a better word for hugs and cuddles… it just is).

Angel and Coco have been their usual cute selves all day and I don’t even know how they can be as cute as kittens at 12-years-old, but they’ve still got it, plus sass. I even put a peanut on Angel’s head and she stayed asleep? What is this? Also this is how silly isolation has made me…

Then she did something really cute and ended up in this face plant position!

After all the cuteness, we went for a walk to Luke’s mums. It was a lot hotter than I’d expected so the social distanced cuppas were gratefully received.

And of course, tonight is Virtual Pub Quiz night, so we had a good laugh with the group, and then played card games. I won 3/5, but the real win was this awesome Diffuse card. It’s Yoga cat!

Another lovely day, how was yours?

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