Self Isolation: Day 51

Family and friends are the angels on this earth. Today was blessed and wonderful.

After a morning of tidying (and also lounging about) my Mum popped over for a social distanced walk. It was amazing. I will never forget the time I felt lucky to go on a walk with a family member. We chatted about everything and laughed about not being able to hug. I can’t wait til we actually are allowed to hug. I’ll squeeze her so tight and I won’t let go! This isn’t the best photo of us both, but we both look happy and natural ❤️

This evening I had a great catch-up with my besties, we’ve been friends since high school and I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life. We spent two hours on video call (as usual, if not longer), put the world and the politicians to rights and had a good laugh. Thank you for all being as honest and lovely as you always are ladies. I can’t wait til we can have a spa weekend, drinking lots of Prosecco and eating loads of food.

This evening Luke and me decided to go for a second walk, because it’s now allowed and feels like a new luxury! Now we’re playing games and feeling lucky.

Stay safe people.

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