Self Isolation: Day 50

Today has been such a productive day, possibly the most productive out of the 50 we’ve had.

Before I’d even had breakfast the weekly deep clean of the bathroom had been completed. It’s basically an obsession to clean everything in sight at this point; just for something to do!

Next on our list of jobs for the day was the never-ending wallpaper scraping…

Pro-Tip: don’t put wallpaper over old wallpaper, the next person in your house will just hate you… Nick Cage agrees that it is in fact, absurd.

It took us aaaaages! Some extremely clever person has covered old wallpaper with a sheet of lining layer, which they’d then painted, added more lining paper and their final choice of wallpaper. Just, no. No. Please, no. Don’t do it…

We didn’t even have any lunch until 5pm. Bonkers.

Our afternoon walk was around the local area and we found a hidden park which was lined with beautiful trees. After all the hard work and elbow grease it was wonderful to feel the wind in my hair and see people out and about socially distancing.

Tonight, I am once again shattered and ready for a night of crime dramas and cuppas.

Happy Tuesday guys.

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