Self Isolation: Day 49

Seven weeks guys! We are kicking ass! If you’d told me I’d be away from my family and friends for 7+ weeks at the start of the year, I would have thought it impossible… but here we are powering through. Keeping calm and carrying on. Ish. As in, most of the time. Ish.

I still haven’t been paid but that’s probably the only bad thing about the day. It started with yoga and lots of television, followed by a bagel for lunch. So things were good. I love bagels. I don’t even know why. This Gif gives me life!

This afternoon I did some online studying and had a lovely walk into the city centre. Isn’t this artwork amazing? Headrow Leeds 2020

We also saw some stunning swans on the canal on the walk home. Leeds is looking more wonderful every day. So few people on the streets, so much less traffic, less pollution, less rush and panic. There’s also loads more birds and other wildlife. Even in the city, who would have thought it? Also, Luke’s photography skills are blooming!

This evening we’ve had homemade carbonara and we’re watching films in front of the fire because the weather is super windy. Happy Monday folks.

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