Self Isolation: Day 48

Self-care Sunday is go!

I woke up in such a good mood today which is, of course, always the best way, let’s be honest. It got even better when my sister told me we could video-call our brother. It was his support-workers birthday too so we sang down the phone to her.

Not seeing Josh is like not having day and night. It’s a basic function to me, I miss him so much. Not least because I can’t talk to him in the same way I can other family members, I just want to hug him and have intensive interaction with him (it’s like a communication therapy for people who can’t communicate with language). He’s just wonderful, I long for this time to be over. Here’s my brother and sister last year. I love them so much.

We also had a catch-up with Grandad and Mum. Both of them seem to be doing well and are coping without their usual busy days and regular contact with us all. Honestly, we can’t wait until we can all be together again and have a meal out to celebrate. Speaking of lovely dinners, tonight Luke cooked us a wonderful meal of roast gammon and all the trimmings. (I was going to make homemade Yorkshire puddings but a frozen one sufficed).

Tonight’s self-care will include; a glass of Merlot, a face-mask and a homemade pedicure.

Update: I recommend these awesome foot booties by Escenti Cool Feet. I tried the Honey and Almond Hydrating Foot Mask.

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