Self Isolation: Day 46

Today was absolutely beautiful. Apart from still not having my pay check I’m staying positive and trying to see the good in every day.

The sun definitely helped. That and the fact I managed to get some COMPOST! (It’s only taken 3 weeks).

This afternoon we popped over to a family members house to collect some knitted doctors and nurses (fully social distanced of course). All profits are going to the NHS. Aren’t they fab?

We also had a beautiful walk and put some plants into the “garden”. We’re pretty impressed to say it started out as a distressed looking bin yard and has become somewhere nice to sit and enjoy the summer. (The plate is because we don’t have a big enough pot for the lavender yet).

We’ve also had a barbecue out there to celebrate VE Day and soaked up some rays which was lovely. I’d like to say I’m getting a tan, but it’s a similar story to the abs, it might never happen.

Many other people were celebrating VE Day too, check out the balloons and decorations here. (I didn’t want to get too close and be accused of snooping).

Tomorrow is also set to be a warm one so fingers crossed we’ll have another brilliant day.

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