Self Isolation: Day 45

Quarantine home improvements started today with us spending hours stripping wallpaper from our bedroom.

It’s no joke, my arms ache more from wallpaper stripping than an hour of intense yoga.

Is anyone else using this time off to clean, decorate and do the garden? At least I’m not cleaning again, right?

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time looking for compost. I can’t believe this is the one item I can’t find anywhere… it’s bonkers. Everyone else is complaining about flour, and I can’t get compost. There’s probably a joke in there somewhere.

This evening I enjoyed the sun and a nice glass of rum while doing some codewords and relaxing. It’s the simple things in life. Coco understands with her little stuck out tongue!

We also had a great time during the weekly pub quiz with JMC Entertainments and The Salt Cellar, Saltaire. We really hope we can join the team there after quarantine when they’re allowed to reopen. We didn’t win this week, but we can’t win every week, can we?

Almost another week over guys. Let’s see what the next few days hold!

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