Eat Well for Less: West Indian Corned Beef and Rice

Eating well for less money doesn’t mean scrimping on flavour or ingredients. And this recipe is packed full of seasonings and flavours to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

You will need (serves 2-4):

  • 1 tin corned beef, chopped into chunks (own brand, 56p)
  • 1 tin chopped tomatoes (own brand, 50p)
  • 1 large white onion, chopped (42p)
  • Knob of butter/margarine (40g ish, 20p)
  • Stock cube (10p)
  • Spice mix (curry powder, chilli powder, garlic powder, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, paprika) (10p ish per tablespoon)
  • 200ml water
  • Rice to serve

Making the dish:

  • Start by melting your butter in a heavy based pan or pot. Fry the onion in the butter until softened but not caramelising.
  • Add the tinned tomatoes, stock cube, water and seasonings*. Stir the mix together well to make sure everything is well incorporated and cook the spices for about five minutes.
  • Mix the corned beef into the pot and separate the chunks. Allow it to simmer down for as long as you can bare to wait. The longer you give it the more depth and flavour there will be to the dish. But once the corned beef is mixed in thoroughly, you’re ready to plate up alongside some rice.

Total cost: £1.86

Cost per portion (3 servings): £0.62 (plus rice)

*The seasoning mix is to your taste; the family I got my recipe from have a secret recipe, but the ingredients I listed are the ones they use, I just haven’t given the exacting quantities. It’s a good idea to make a spice mix up in a big box and then you can add anything from a small teaspoon to several tablespoons to suit your taste buds.

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