Self Isolation: Day 42

Six weeks down guys, we’re all doing so well. I can assure that even on days when you feel like nothing is going right, your feeling bad about yourself or worrying about money and all that stuff, you’re doing alright.

There’s been days when I’ve struggled through the day and not been able to focus on anything, but there’s been some good days too. And I’m certain there’s better days ahead.

It’s all about balance in life. Whether that’s feeling like you’re balancing the weight of the world on your shoulders, or holding a cake in each hand. Try and see the beautiful in the mundane.

Today I’ve down just that. I started off with some yoga and our morning lesson from Death in Paradise (series 1-7 on Netflix now). I know I talk about it a lot but, yoga is such a good way for me to relax and let my body and mind just be in the moment, not stressing about every other thing in my life.

Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m sat watching the sunrise or set.

Yoga also sets my mindset in a better way for the whole day. We had a great chat with Luke’s grandparents and then Luke baked some bread while I spoke to Mum.

I’ve also finished another online course in Criminological thinking, so it’s been pretty swell.

Our afternoon walk took us to a hidden part of the local park where I found this awesome shrubbery bush. I can just imagine hiding away in here as a child.

The one thing I’ve learnt while in lockdown is to appreciate all the little things you see and do every day. There’s so many things to appreciate when your “normal” life gets taken away from you.

This evening we’ve eaten homemade ramen and now it’s time for a game and eating all the chocolates that my sister sent us the other day.

Stay positive guys, stay safe, stay home.

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