Self Isolation: Day 41

Sunday’s are for family, food and fun.

It’s cliche, I don’t care, this is how most of my Sunday’s go and it’s great.

As it’s lockdown, my mornings are spent in my pyjamas watching Netflix and my afternoons are spent with family, virtually of course.

Today, Luke made a lovely mini cooked breakfast for us both… I say mini only because it was sausage, bacon, egg, beans and toast, sadly we had no mushrooms, tomatoes or hash browns. But honestly, a mini breakfast was perfect sized.

We headed out for a slightly earlier walk and went to Luke’s Mums. We socially distanced, of course, catching up from the edge of the drive and it felt really strange. After almost six weeks of not seeing her I just wanted to give her a big squeeze! Just like I do with my own mum, although at least we’ve been able to video call.

On our walk back we saw an abandoned building on which someone has graffitied and celebrated the NHS.

Once we were home it was time to video call my side of the family. I love it. Grandad is basically a genius now at accepting video calls (he used to be a nightmare), and he’s 87-years-old. I wish I could see them all face-to-face for a roast dinner and lots of love, but I know I can’t… so this is the next best thing.

Sunday dinner today consisted of all the great staples. Roasted chicken, stuffing, (unfortunately shop bought) Yorkshire puddings, sauté potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and lashings of gravy.

Pro Tip: never trust anyone who doesn’t have gravy with Yorkshire puds, or in fact a Sunday dinner.

After stuffing our faces we’ve watched The Incredibles 2, and iZombie. What a good Sunday!

Here’s to another week in lockdown…

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