Self Isolation: Day 40

For forty days not a scrap of makeup has been worn…

For forty days I’ve not hugged my family…

For forty days the cats have become increasingly concerned as to why we’ve not been going out for the day…

For forty days I’ve been having lie-ins…

Wow. If you’d told me forty days ago that I’d have been separated from human contact I probably wouldn’t have believed you. It’s weird that part of you adapts, and another part of you just craves normality.

Today has been the “new normal”. We woke up late, watched television for a while and did a spot of cleaning. The house smells like floor cleaner and Febreeze.

Then we made a cute lunch with some leftover tiger bread. Bacon and cheese on toast might be my new favourite luncheon.

The afternoon took us out for our usual walk. We went down by the canal in the direction of Kirkstall today. The sun was shining through the trees and it was the perfect walking temperature.

Our walks have been the best part of lockdown I reckon. We’ve kept our spirits up just knowing we’d get to see more than four walls and a television! How cute is this photo of some little ducklings?

Tonight we’re ordering Japanese food, playing games and relaxing our weary legs after the wonderful walk and fairly productive day.

How has your Saturday been?

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