Self Isolation: Day 39

It’s the weekend!

Not that it matters as all you 9-5ers can’t spend it how you normally would, wether that’s in your pyjamas or downing martini’s… but there you go.

This weekend has started pretty well, I tidied the living room and put some clothes away that I’ve been meaning to do all week (or most of April). Then I had a heart-to-heart with a friend who’s been struggling the last few days with stresses of pay and her work life.

After that I gazed at our beautiful Coco. She’s so majestic, I wish I was a cat, so much. I could watch her all day long.

After lunch we had our usual walk and the sun came out for a while. I even bumped into (…in the socially distancing way) a friend who was out for a run. The local park was pretty quiet and peaceful. For some reason there was quite a few police officers patrolling the streets today, I’m not sure why, but everything seemed okay.

The evening was spent sorting through some files on my laptop and then playing Trivial Pursuit. We were playing for over two hours and in the end it came down to one piece.

Guess who won?

Happy Weekend everyone!

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