Self Isolation: Day 38

Today’s been better than the last two but I’ve decide this week is a write-off. Funny how the first month was smooth sailing and now I feel like I’m sailing through a storm.

I loved AfterLife on Netflix so much that I binged Season 2 this morning and I CANNOT wait for Season 3. Such a touching watch. Ricky Gervais normally makes me laugh and that’s it, but this programme has the power to make you laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself. And cry so much you’ll need a big bar of chocolate after watching. It’s funny. It’s intense. It’s actually kind of important that you watch it. The characters are (mostly) likeable (apart from the psychiatrist), and they’re often crazily relatable. Enough spoilers… just watch it. It’s on Netflix UK right now. Best 3 hours of TV.

Rather than spend the afternoon moping about we decided to have a walk to the shop for some essentials like toilet rolls, freezer fillers and wine. What is life? At least we passed this funny bush that I’ve shared before but has also been redecorated to now add some really important PPE.

As the comical anecdote goes; “If you don’t laugh at life, life will laugh at you.l

As it’s Thursday we took part in the weekly Pub Quiz on the Salt Cellar’s Facebook page and had a really good laugh. We also had a chat with my sister and had even more giggles.

Your reminder for today is a simple one; it’s okay to have good days, it’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to not be okay, we’re in a pandemic and life isn’t great right now. But one day, one day it will be, don’t panic. Stay home, stay safe.

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