Self Isolation: Day 37

Lazy Wednesday’s are my new favourite. Self care is such an important part of quarantine life. Today I have done nothing, apart from (try to) look after myself…

I woke up at the crack of dawn, (*cough* 9am) after a bad nights sleep. With yesterday’s stress lingering I decided today was a day for total relaxation. So, instead of a diary of what I did today, here’s a diary of what I watched.

I started the day with Once Upon A Time (Netflix). This is a series I loved the first time around and I’m now rewatching. The basics are; a city girl is just living her life when her abandoned son comes looking for her, he says it’s because she’s actually from the Enchanted Forest and her family need her. Cue the cast of all your childhood favourite stories. I’m saying nothing else because it will spoil the whole thing. Fantasy, romance, drama, crime, sci-fi, magic galore.

Next on my list was the emotional and funny; AfterLife. Also on Netflix, this stars Ricky Gervais and a host of other successful comedians. The gist of the name will tell you it relates to a sad tale of death and living without a special person. No more spoilers here though, you’ll have to watch. Once we’d binged the whole first series it was time for our daily walk (the only reason we got dressed today). And, we somehow both managed to wear our matching Leeds City hoodies.

This evening we watched more TV, my childhood favourite; Mrs Doubtfire (thanks Disney +). I also FaceTime’d my sister and had a good giggle.

Today was needed. Apart from more bad news with pay, and having a mini breakdown due to needing some fresh air, today was a vast improvement on yesterday.

Fingers crossed for no more negatives…

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