Self Isolation: Day 36

What a horrendous day.

I haven’t been paid for six weeks and it looks like I’ve got another two weeks to wait, so essentially I’ll have gone two months without pay. Before anyone tells me what I should do; I’m aware, I’m just waiting for people to do the right thing…

My sisters friend has been made redundant and he’s going through all sorts, as is my friend who’s starting to struggle mentally… then to top it all off I come home from our daily walk to a beautiful handwritten note and a silly photo of my beautiful brother.

I can’t deal with this quarantine anymore.

This isn’t the actual photo, I just miss him so much.

I’m so up and down. One minute I’m laughing, the next I’m crying at a silly photo of my brother. Why? I miss everyone so much it hurts. Positive Becky went out the window today guys. I didn’t even take a photo on my daily walk.

Please let this stop now. I can’t handle much more of this segregation. Is anyone else feeling trapped and depressed? I want to apologise but I can’t. Mental health matters and today was a bad mental health day. It looks like the only positive will be a pizza delivery.

I just want this to end.

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