Self Isolation: Day 35

Five weeks in isolation already? Wow. It’s so strange how some days fly and others go so slooowwwwwly…

Today was pretty fine and dandy. I had a morning cleaning the bathroom, our bedroom and the kitchen, in amongst watching Gordon Ramsay YouTube videos and the accustomed Death in Paradise.

This afternoon we had a beautiful walk along the canal in the sunshine. The weather has cooled slightly but it’s still great to get out in and enjoy. We can’t believe how gorgeous it is down there. You wouldn’t realise how close you are to the city.

We also discovered a hidden garden we haven’t found before near a conservation area. Isn’t this stunning? Who needs Hobbiton when you’ve got the Leeds Liverpool Canal? After our walk I had a lovely catch-up with some school friends and we put the world to rights as usual. With friends and family like these I think I might just get through this isolation business.

Have a bonus photo of our beautiful cat, Angel, almost asleep but disturbed by Luke.

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