Self Isolation: Day 33

Sunshine, beer, a walk and great friends have combined to make today the best day in self isolation land.

We took ourselves out for a (slightly longer than an hour) walk up to Roundhay Park. (Don’t worry we were mostly off roading through woods and in very quiet areas, we barely passed a soul). The sun was shining down on us and it genuinely felt like we were on holiday. How beautiful is this photo of the sun shining through the blossom trees in Roundhay park?

We sat on the grass for a while and just stayed in the moment. Some parts of isolation are really horrendous, but it’s important that we embrace the positive time during the day as well, today there was lots of that, I suspect that tomorrow there will be less.

On our walk to Roundhay we spotted a pub was open (doing just takeaway beers) and decided we’d earned it. It’s also really important to support local businesses during this time, and although this might spark differences in opinion as to whether they should have been open or not, we felt it was a good way to support them.

And here’s a photo Luke took of the beautiful woodland during our walk.

Later on, we had a lovely catch up with two friends we’ve not seen for a while and whom we often spend an evening playing board games and having a good laugh. Tonight, we did just that. It was different but the same in so many ways. We Skyped and played a virtual card game on our phones which was filled with so much laughter and fun. Of course, we couldn’t take a great photo of us on Skype, but here’s a lovely throwback from a day out together.

It’s been a lovely day, and I hope for more of this in my new found reality. How’s your Friday been?

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