Self Isolation: Day 32

What a splendid day it’s been, from tidying up this morning, to midday yoga, an afternoon walk and a catch up with a friend this evening, it’s been superb. I think the sun might have helped in fairness.

After yesterday’s slightly down day I’m so pleased I woke up feeling invigorated and cheerful. I think I felt more motivated to do more today because yesterday left me feeling frustrated and stressed. We tidied the lounge and our bedroom, it seems silly that it even needed dejunking because we’ve spent a large chunk of our time off cleaning, but we’ve also been lazy once we’ve used things and haven’t put them away. The living room was full of books, colouring books, magazines, post etc, and it all needed sorting through. Our bedroom was just surrounded with piles of clothes I’d washed but not put away, so you know, tidying was needed.

Our afternoon walk to town was enjoyable as well, we strolled along the canal again, past the Royal Armouries and into the town centre. It’s so picturesque down there at the moment. I also spotted this beautiful poem that was hidden on a bench. Imagine someone writing a poem like this in memory of you, it’s sublime.

Another great thing today was a lovely Friday night treat, of Papa Johns Pizza. I think I could get used to this quarantine malarkey if it means treating myself to a takeaway every weekend and having lots of walks. It’s just the missing people bit that’s driving me crazy.

How’s your Friday been?

Stay safe guys, stay positive and stay home.

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