Self Isolation: Day 31

The best part about my day was our weekly online Pub Quiz. JMC entertainments hosts an amazing night every Thursday and it always brightens my day. Cliche, but totally honest.

Today has been upsetting to be honest, on Sunday it will be the anniversary of my Dad’s death, and, although it’s been fourteen years it’s still a painful and stressful time. I can’t explain it but the run up to the day is almost worse than the day itself. All the feelings come flooding back and I have to let it out or I just become an angry mess. I’ve written about it before and it’s made me feel more balanced and helped me to relax, but ultimately, it still hurts. Usually I keep myself busy with work or plans outside the house, now that’s not an option, it’s a struggle. You can read about my experience with grief here;

The loss of a parent is truly an absolute nightmare at any age, there’s no way of explaining it because the emotions are so vast it’s insane. I know this might sound a bit like I’m preaching here, but I honestly can’t define it. It’s many things. It’s just awful. It probably happens to 95% of people at some point in their life, but no matter the circumstances, it’s always painful.

My family in 2001.

Anyway, let’s move on, aside from my earlier meltdown, I made a lovely chicken curry for dinner, we went shopping and I had a good laugh with John McCabe and the Pub Quiz. It’s been a funny day, but tomorrow will be better. I’m planning some crafting and sunshine, so fingers crossed for that.

Also, my ring came out of my Imperial Candle and that’s a good way to end the day in my mind.

Here’s hoping for a better day all round tomorrow!

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