Self Isolation: Day 30

Thirty days of no work, no commitments, no plans, no day trips, no meals out, no cinema, no meet ups with friends… when you say it like that, it sounds horrendous. So I’ve started to think about it in a new way.

Thirty days of “me time”, lie-ins, free time, days together, trying new recipes, watching loads of films, video calls and laughs online. Yes, I miss everyone terribly. And, also yes, I will appreciate everything even more when I get back to “normal”.

Today has been fairly relaxed after our long walk yesterday. I cleaned the whole kitchen and found spaces I never knew existed, I can’t believe how much I now enjoy cleaning… if only to use up some time.

For lunch we ate Sheldon Cooper’s favourite, spaghetti and hotdogs- when you know, you know! I’ve never even eaten hotdogs at home, they’re normally on my “do not eat” list, so I was very surprised to enjoy it.

This afternoon we had to visit the shops for some flea killer, our two cats have got a case of the nibblers. Not fun for them, or us. Ah well.

I’ve also finished an online course; an Introduction to Criminology, and started a new one on Critical Thinking in a Criminology. Exciting times! I’m really enjoy some brain work amongst all this down time.

In other news, my Imperial Candle ring is nearly ready to be unwrapped! This is my favourite part. They’re great for gift ideas or just to treat yourself. You deserve it. After a lovely day it was even better to cosy up next to the fire with a film.

Happy Wednesday guys!

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