Self Isolation: Day 29

What a beautiful day it’s been today, sun-filled, contented, and also exhausting.

This morning I did some yoga and ordered some essentials on Amazon for the cats. We watched Death In Paradise and had a lovely ramen for lunch.

Afterwards, in the afternoon, we went for our daily walk. We accidentally ended up being out for three hours, we walked 8.5 miles. How, I hear you ask? I blame the canal.

Originally, we planned to walk along the canal, and instead of heading towards Leeds centre, we followed the canal in the opposite direction and headed towards Wakefield (obviously we weren’t going that far, or so we thought). The walk took us past Knostrop, and along towards Thwaite’s Mill, we were going to stop there, but the weather was pleasant so we continued further. Before we knew it we were nearly in Rothwell, so decided we should start heading home. That would have been fine, and fairly simple, but the path we were following home came to an abrupt halt because there’s a new shopping centre being built. This experience didn’t bother us in the slightest though, because we had a glorious day in the sunshine, we managed to social distance and have our own little piece of escapism.

The walk was definitely worth the aching knees and sleepy eyes. It felt amazing to be outside for so long, I have really missed being physically tired at the end of the day. Who knew you could miss being tired?

This evening we’ve had a well earned rest and eaten homemade pulled chicken fajitas. Bliss.

What a day! How was yours today?

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