Self Isolation: Day 27

Sunday’s are for staring at squirrels… this is my new thing now. How cute is our friend from earlier today? This little guy, or gal (I can’t tell the gender of a squirrel), had a little stare-off with us earlier before hopping in front of us to his/her preferred tree. We only managed to get a photo of him/her crawling near the tree…

We’ve had a good day today, it started with a strong coffee and a bacon butty, so it was already off to a good start. Since this morning we’ve watched movies; including Trading Places, starring the amazing Eddie Murphy, and then this evening we watched Mean Girls, because Luke said it was my turn to choose (I’m sure he regretted it too!).

I’ve also had a catch up with my family, including my Grandad, Mum, my sister (Sarah) and brother (Josh). Josh has special needs and today his carers sent me this fantastic photo of him splashing around in a paddling pool. It made my day.

Twenty seven days seems like such a long time, but it’s actually been quite busy. I’ve focused on something every day to try and avoid boredom, confusion, frustration and upset. Of course, some days have been harder than others, and there’s definitely worse to come. But mostly this time has only served to remind me of the most important things in my life. My family, my friends, and my health. Twenty seven year old me and twenty seven days in lockdown (so far).

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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