Self Isolation: Day 26

What a great day! Finally, I come bearing good news, the positivity is back and “normal” service will resume.

I woke up to a delivery of an Imperial Candle that I’d ordered for myself. It smells like pear drops and childhood sweets , I feel like Gretel from old story tales. It’s called Happy Llama if you fancy giving it a try.

From the delivery of the candle to writing this now, it’s been a rather fine day. I’ve watched Sherlock Holmes, I’ve had that mini pedicure I promised myself last night, and I started an online course in Criminology with the Open University. I feel rather accomplished, so here’s a photo of my “spa day” feet.

I also made an exquisite dinner of basa fish with chorizo and onion, served with diced potatoes and green beans. I took a photo but it does zero justice because I didn’t serve it as a professional would! I really recommend people try basa fish, it’s versatile and can be accompanied by both seafood and meaty flavours.

The house also looks very cute with these gorgeous daffodils I bought today (alongside necessities of course).

How’s your day been today?

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