Self Isolation: Day 25

Does doing yoga make it okay to eat a big, greasy take-away burger? (Please say yes).

Today’s been okay, I’ve been productive and had some down time, which would normally be a good isolation day. But, I’ve felt a little low at times, I know I’ve got good people around me and I have to hold on to that. There’s not much else we can do, right?

This morning I cleaned the bathroom, mopped the kitchen and bathroom, and Luke vacuumed the whole house.

We had a good afternoon watching the new Lady and the Tramp; which was pretty good I must say. It’s definitely not a bad remake in my opinion, but it’s a lot more upsetting at times than my childhood memories had me remember.

Our afternoon walk left me feeling physically refreshed but also a bit sad, if I’m honest. We’re not walking anywhere with a purpose, you know? We’re not headed to see friends for a night out, or round for dinner with the family. It just made me feel a bit down as I saw people walking alone and doing their thing. I don’t know why. It just hit me today, another three weeks seems a long time. Longer than it is, of course. We did however get a great photo outside the nightclub, Fibre in Leeds. How great is this art?

I’ve just done some yoga which has balanced me out a little so that’s a good way to end the day I’d say. I’m also having a mini pamper night with a face mask, manicure and (maybe) a pedicure. I deserve a treat, I reckon.

How have you all been? Drop me a message, I’m always up for a chat.

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