Self Isolation: Day 24

Today was a complete and utter write off. I woke up feeling a little bit sleepy but thought nothing of it, ate breakfast as normal, watched television for a while and I was just about to start doing a few bits around the house and maybe head outside for a bit when I became unwell.

Don’t panic… I don’t mean coronavirus I well, I just mean, I had to retire back to bed for a while and spent a few hours up there feeling very unsteady, light-headed, mentally and physically very weak and in pain. It knocked me for six, and I began to wonder why this had happened?

I’ve been so positive since isolation started; doing yoga, keeping busy, eating well (a lot admittedly and potentially too much chocolate, but overall a balanced diet), I’ve been exercising, staying social with friends and family… then boom. Bit of a weird one really.

Anyway, by late afternoon I was able to get some escapism. I had a little potter about outside and Luke popped in the shop for some food items. I’ve felt fine all evening, even able to take part in the weekly “pub” quiz, but, honestly, I just want to cancel today and start afresh tomorrow.

My family have been really supportive and I’m hoping I’ll feel like the normal me tomorrow, but maybe I should take it a little steady… I definitely don’t want a repeat of today!

All the best guys. Here’s a bonus photo of my sisters kitten, Mylo. What a cutie he is.

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