Self Isolation: Day 23

Another day has flown by. Isn’t it crazy that some days go by really quickly and other days feel as if they’re dragging you down with them?

Today was pretty good to be honest, I’ve felt productive and motivated all day long. This morning I did some high level dusting and put the washing away. Luke and me had our morning lesson from Death in Paradise; we’re practically Detective Inspectors now…

And then, we finished stage one of our yard conversion. There was a lot moss on the concrete and that is now all gone! Check this out for a before and after!

We’ve also had a lovely walk in the local park and had a really good time finding some pictures along the way.

A local child has made some lovely Easter picture cards and scattered them across the parks benches and fences. There was seven to find… but I think the last one has blown away because I couldn’t see it anywhere!

Now it’s time for kitty cuddles and movies. Here’s a bonus photo of our cat, Angel, she’s sassy, independent and a real sweetheart underneath her cat-like attitude. She loves being tickled under her chin and at the side of her face, so that’s what I’m doing here. And yes, I am wearing pyjamas.What a lovely day. Pretty chuffed with it to say I woke up and really didn’t want to do anything. Sometimes you have to force yourself into doing things and it will be worth the while.

Keep busy guys, and stay safe.

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