Self Isolation: Day 22

Today has absolutely flown by, I honestly don’t know where the time’s gone! The day started well because I had two deliveries; just some little gifts to myself. Check out the empowering colouring book and classic school drama queen film.Wild Child

We also watched Zootopia which was full of laughter and hidden jokes for adult viewers, thanks again Disney. We’ve had a lovely walk in this gorgeous weather and done some ‘gardening’, I use the term loosely because we’ve got a bin yard that we’re going to convert into a cool outside space for us both.

I’m thinking of a few potted plants, maybe some painted walls, I might even venture into the world of fake grass… we’ll see.

This evening we’re planning on movies and pizza, always a winning combination in my mind, and I’ve got a few bits of housework to do beforehand.

Blossom trees in Leeds, England If only I had a garden full of blossom trees, I just love them. This is a snippet of our earlier walk. Aren’t they beautiful?

Now while I’ve got your attention I just have one last thing to write…


Thanks Taylor Swift.

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