Self Isolation: Day 21

Today wasn’t the best day. So far I’ve stayed positive, picked myself up and given my head a good shake, but this morning I woke up feeling very disengaged and miserable.

I know I’ve been overly positive so far, so maybe it was only a matter of time until I had a bad day, but it was very unpleasant. There’s been some positives though, so let’s focus on those and move on for a good day tomorrow.

This morning Luke made spam sandwiches (the best breakfast sandwich? I’ll let you decide), and we watched A Bugs Life. Watching Disney movies is always a good way to lift your mood in my experience, and it did help a little.

I spent the afternoon sat on our front step and did some codewords, online games and let the cool breeze drift over me. I couldn’t focus enough to read, but the air and a nice walk cleared my mind a little.

I also found this Lidl advert on our pile of magazines, and I really loved what Lidl have done here! Such a good idea, really shows they care about their staff.


This evening we’ve had a lovely leftover Sunday dinner tea, bubble and squeak, the full works. And we’ve started a game of Monopoly which I suspect will continue until at least tomorrow.

Sorry it’s not been the best day to write guys, I’m sure tomorrow will be an improvement.

How’s your bank holiday been?

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